What We Do

"A promising young company bravely taking on the impossible Stein challenge." --Charles McNulty, The Village Voice


"A smart and ambitious company." - Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

Polybe was Gertrude Stein’s dog.  Seats are where you sit.

Polybe + Seats has been making theater together since 2001.  We produce new plays and collaboratively developed work that experiments with images, language, structure, and storytelling. By presenting our stories from multiple perspectives, we invite our audiences to make their own connections with our work. We are proud members of the Alliance of Resident Theaters/New York and are a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a national arts service organization. Our work has been presented by The University of Michigan, Mabou Mines / Suite, Brooklyn Fire Proof, and the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge.  

We challenge ourselves to find new ways of using language, staging and design to communicate our chosen stories. By involving the director, actors, writers, designers, and dramaturgs in collaboration from the earliest stages of a project, we strive to create richly-envisioned and intimate work.  Our collaboratively-developed plays are generated in stages marked by readings and workshops in order to gather feedback and learn about the work before we present the final piece.

By choosing stories that we ourselves are curious about, we engage our audiences' curiosity and imaginations.  

"Polybe + Seats launches Granada in a storytelling tour-de-force that sets the foundation for their future collaborative work to come. This cultural explosion of artistic expression juxtaposes their values of tradition and folklore with their knowledge of theatrical composition and performance. I anticipate more intriguing experimental work to evolve from this company and look forward to the journey with them." - Theater Online