Two Spent Swimmers: A Historical or Futuristic Play

By Sylvan (formerly Sally) Oswald
Directed by Jessica Brater
Produced by Stacey McMath
Lighting by Natalie Robin
Dramaturgy by Miriam Felton-Dansky
With: Devon Harlow, Jennifer Kidwell, and Zuzanna Szadkowski.

A ghost infects the air.   The city can't sleep.
For Romulus and Remus, politics begin in bed.



In Two Spent Swimmers , cognitive technology meets the Romulus and Remus myth, folding four thousand years into the present.   REM is trapped in a sleep chamber somewhere on the border between Philadelphia and Rome, while his twin brother, the corrupt King ROM, denies the kingdom's collapse.    Can a tormented queen save the city from an epidemic of insomnia?

Abingdon Theater
June 12-15, 2002
Brown University New Plays Festival
Providence, Rhode Island
February 8-10, 2002
Presented in association with Columbia University.