SpeakEasy by Polybe + Seats

You are invited.


SpeakEasy by Polybe + Seats
The location changes from time to time. So does the band.
So do the performers - it's a little safer that way.

Theater, Music, Film, & Trouble, Under The Radar.
Absolutely no one is officially aware of Polybe + Seats’ wildly successful SpeakEasy series. Unofficially, however, when we hijack a bar or a theater basement once every few months it’s for a swinging good time in our best style. Savvy customers never know exactly what the password at the door will get them, but they know that their gowned and gloved hostesses will always provide the finest in entertainment. The SpeakEasy debuted in August 2004 at The Flea and has been one step ahead of the fuzz ever since.

The SpeakEasy stage provides a showcase for local bands, short plays and films, emerging fashion designers, storyteller, puppeteers, early peeks at new Polybe treats, and the odd harangue. Sexy, sleek, late night, fast paced, and always on the move, the SpeakEasy is the best party in town. Hurry up and get yourself on the mailing list, then hunker down and hold your breath, and wait for the invitation to exercise your 21st Amendment Rights at our upstanding Civil Liberties Bar.

Track Record (hope the cops don’t see a pattern):

Downstairs @ The Flea (August 2004)
Featuring: Music by Imani Uzuri, Gertrude Stein's "Counting Her Dresses" directed by Jessica Brater, Immediate Medium, Clay McLeod Chapman, and Abigail Cooper at the Bar.

The Brick Theater (October 2004)
Featuring: Lonesome Jack, Clay McLeod Chapman, Eric & The Colonel, The Ladies’ Auxiliary Telephone Bee, and Travis C. Richardson at the Bar.

Galapagos (December 2005)
Featuring: Atomic Grind Show, Fashion by Ayana Morse, Play by Adam Szymkowicz & Franny Maxwell, Play by Kara Feely.

The Tank (February 2005)
Featuring: Eric DeArmon and the Truthseekers, Charlotte Salomon, Enoch, play by Elizabeth Emmons, film by Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky.

Photos have been omitted from this page to protect the identity of Speakeasy attendees.