Works in Progress:

The Museum Play

Written by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Miriam Felton-Dansky
Producers: Stacey Cooper McMath and Natalie Robin
Lighting Design by Natalie Robin
With: Lara Milian, M. Ryan Purdy, Jamel Rodriguez, Lisette Silva-Sanchez, Lindsay Torrey
Production Photos: Noam Lupu

When the mastodons escape, James has to find a new exhibit for the Museum. Luckily, he has a friend with wonderful bones.   The Curator is delighted with her newest specimen. But Lucy, a security guard masquerading as Chairman of the Board, has other plans. Is she behind the mysterious liberations of flora and fauna? What is going on behind the heavy bronze doors?   The Museum Play travels between cabinets, habitats, and hallways, examining the strange ardor of collecting and the menace of memory.

A Telephone Call

Adapted from Dorothy Parker's short story and performed by Zuzanna Szadkowski

The Present Company Theatorium
December 15-16, 2002