by Avi Glickstein
Directed by Jessica Brater
Dramaturgy by Miriam Felton-Dansky
Produced by Catherine Wallach and Polybe + Seats

Access Theater Gallery, November 2009

Arousing visceral connections to historical events and cultures, Polybe + Seats adeptly ventures into explorations of identity. ...Polybe + Seats launches Granada in a storytelling tour-de-force ...[an] explosion of artistic expression. - Theater Online

Cast: Elaine O'Brien, Sarah Sakaan, Indika Senanayake, Lindsay Torrey, Jill Usdan, Ari Vigoda

Lighting Design by Natalie Robin assisted by Marika Kent
Set and Costume Design by Peiyi Wong assisted by Bevan Dunbar
Original Music by Anna Levenstein
Stage Management by Donald Butchko assisted by Dinah Finkelstein

1158: Moses Maimonides flees Spain, dies in Cairo in 1204.
1492: Ferdinand and Isabella evict all Jews from Spain.
1992: Maimonides returns

It's been 500 years since the Jews were expelled from Spain, and the King is finally ready to make amends. A lavish ceremony is held. A young Egyptian Jew with a notable lineage arrives to take part. The young Prince poses for photos. The pomegranate juice flows. But is this Spain? Is Spain populated by talking bears, letters carried on the wind, resurrections of medieval philosophers ... assassinations? This could very well be the beginning of the Messianic Age.

Bringing together characters and stories from Sephardic Jewish folklore and culture, Granada draws on a centuries-old tradition to create a tender, bizarre, and funny look at a people separated by continents but united by a state of exile.

Granada was Polybe + Seats' first commissioned play.

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For Production Photos (credit Eliza Brown), click here.