August 9-26, 2014 
Polybe + Seats presents 
Anna Asli Suriyah (I Come from Syria)

"Habibti, I feel I need to be there."

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August 9th-26th, Saturdays-Tuesdays

Performance Begins at 7pm

Beit Jeddo Hookah Lounge
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY


Conceived by Sarah Badiyah Sakaan with Jessica Silsby Brater

Written by Sarah Badiyah Sakaan with the company

Directed by Jessica Silsby Brater

Produced by Katie Naka and Polybe + Seats

Featuring Ayse Eldek, Tom Giordano, Nuah Oryzel, Sarah Badiyah Sakaan & Pascale Seigneurie


Set and Object Designer: Daniel C. Soule

Lighting Designer: Natalie Robin

Costume Designers: Karen Boyer and Bevan Dunbar

Sound Design and Musical Composition: Soraya Odishoo

Choreographic Consultant and Movement Coach: Lindsay Torrey

Stage Manager and Assistant Director: Naomi Boyce

Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Schwerdtfeger


Associate Lighting Designer: Colin Chauche

Assistant Set and Object Designer: You-Shin Chen

Wardrobe and Costume Assistant: Cody Donaldson

Producing Director: Catherine Wallach

Production Photography: Stephen Yang


"Inshallahbadain, in a little while, it will be over, yianni, in a couple of months. You will see."


The Brooklyn Rail on Anna Asli Suriyah (I Come from Syria): "At the start of the conflict, many of the people Sarah talked to had been in favor of the rebellion to overthrow the Assad regime. But as the bloodshed continued, the disruption to Syrian lives and culture reached tragic proportions, and hope of a US intervention dwindled. For the most part, Syrians want hope that their country and their daily lives can be returned to normal. That longing for a way of life lost, for a sense of daily security destroyed, is deeply felt in Anna Asli Suriyah."

The Brooklyn Paper/Bay Ridge Courier reviews Anna Asli Suriyah (I Come from Syria): "Hookah lounge hosts powerful play about Syrian conflict ... Much of “I Come From Syria” revolves around a Syrian wedding, where party-goers take sides in the conflict and debate fleeing their home country ... The show goes far beyond the headlines to show the myriad responses battle-torn families are having to the three-years-on crisis."



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